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From breaker replacement, bus repairs to a total upgrade we offer the best pricing. With over a hundred obsolete multi packs we often have the exact brand and part number to make repairs on your panel at a fraction of the cost of a new panel.
As always our upgrade prices are also very competitive. Our experience and specialized tools help us get the job done in half the time of our competitors.

Best Fix At The Best Price

We excel at service section repairs, expansion and upgrades. Our 5 acre bone yard with hundreds of obsolete panels and service sections provides us with many hard to find parts unavailable to most contractors. We often have the parts to repair a problem or vandalism at a fraction of the price of an upgrade. It’ll always be our goal to give the customer the best fix for their issues at the best price.

Everyone has their niche and ours is electric panels. We deal with finding the correct panel for the job. There are many ways to do any job. Today there are many variations of electric panels for a variety of needs, and we find the best product to serve the purpose.

Best Price

Here at Juarez Electric, we strive to take care of what we consider the most important and least maintained element of the electric system. The brains and nervous system of your home or business. It’s our goal to provide the best advice on the repair or expansion of our clients electrical needs.

Electrical systems are complicated. They rely on an intricate web of wiring that connects at several places to various receptacles, switches, fixtures and other connections. If you experience irregularities in your power, it may be difficult to trace the problem sometimes. Given that electricity is a powerful and dangerous thing, it is advised not to try to find the problem yourself.

If you experience intermittent power, power surges, brownouts or total outages, you may be suffering from a panel that cannot keep up with your energy needs. Inadequate power is not only inconvenient, as power outages will become a common occurrence, but can also be a hazard, as power surges can cause fires and electrocution. Aside from that, putting too much strain on your panel is also extremely energy inefficient and will cause your power bill to rise significantly.

If you are not sure whether your panel is adequate for your family’s needs, call us for a free consultation. Here at Juarez Electric we will gladly discuss your panel options and consider your current usage. With an inspection, we can also easily identify exactly how much power is needed and even project into the future your energy consumption growth so that we can find the right panel for you to upgrade to.

Here at Juarez Electric, our staff of trained electricians, under the tutelage of a master electrician, is experienced in using specialized tools for troubleshooting and identifying faults. We can find the source of your power irregularities fast and make suggestions on the most efficient way to handle the problem.

As a matter of standard practice, we always travel with a fully stocked van, so most repairs can be completed on the spot and on the first trip. This ensures that you are able to return to the conveniences that your electrical equipment affords you as soon as possible.

We have the reputation of being one of the area's most trusted electrical contractors

With years of experience in safely installing residential and commercial electrical systems, lighting, and ceiling fans. For your protection, we're fully licensed and insured.
At Juarez Electric we provide a wide range of electrical services to make sure all the wiring and electrical works in your home or business are performing as they should, bookmark our website.


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