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Our team Juarez Electric has built a strong reputation for timely, safe and reliable electrical solutions, designed and implemented with a view towards maximizing your home or business’ energy efficiency and bringing your home or business’ electrical grid fully up to code.

Besides, our expertise extends to cover a wide range of design options that will give you the freedom you need to customize your home or business’ electrical layout, to better suit the precise style and functionality that you’re looking for.

At Juarez Electric, we are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees.

Our safety record is directly related to the commitment by management and ownership to provide the training and tools to our employees to accomplish the end goal of zero accidents. Safety first always.

We will be happy to come to your home and provide you with a free estimate. We’ll assess your electrical needs and quote you a fair price for what you need.

At Juarez Electric we believe in honesty and transparency.

To ensure safety and build on the latest knowledge within the industry, we require that all our staff undergo a certified apprenticeship program with Independent Electrical Contractors and continuing education opportunities for licensed journeyman and senior personnel. Our commitment to training is indicative of our commitment to excellence.

From small to large appliances, we can hook up any electrical equipment in your California home or business, check the circuits and wiring, and make sure everything works properly before saying the job is complete. We’ll also be able to troubleshoot any problems and take care of any appliance repair needs.

Our countless satisfied customers can agree that having a qualified electrician for their appliance installation was much safer, more convenient, and cost-effective than attempting it themselves. In addition, we’re able to find and catch any issues with the wiring or circuits during installation and fix them before they become a problem.

What We Do


If you need residential electrical repair in California, you don’t need to look any further than Juarez Electric.


We’ve built a reputation with our loyal customers for quality electrical work, reasonable prices, and the utmost standards in safety practices.


Professional Work

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, with the safest and most updated technologies in the electrical industry.

We have the reputation of being one of the area's most trusted electrical contractors

With years of experience in safely installing residential and commercial electrical systems, lighting, and ceiling fans. For your protection, we're fully licensed and insured.
At Juarez Electric we provide a wide range of electrical services to make sure all the wiring and electrical works in your home or business are performing as they should, bookmark our website.


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